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This year is coming to an end.
2017 has been a year of great transition.
So much has transpired both good and bad.
However, in all, there are lessons learned.
This upcoming year will be the year of you!
If you have learned nothing else by this time in your life, you should understand the significance that knowing your value and your worth should be the priority over all.
No more putting everything and everyone in front of you!
This will be the year of you! You have sat back long enough allowing everyone to go first so you would not seem self-centered or selfish.
2018 will be the year that you emerge!
It's time to stop hiding behind your flaws and your failures.
 It's time to stop hiding behind your insecurities and your comfort zones.
You deserve this next year to be your best year.
You no longer need anyone to validate you to become great on their time.
This is your time to give yourself permission to be the greatest you have ever been.
It's time to take every last one of those dreams out of your emotional and psychological attic.
Dust them off and remember them once more.
It's time to remember who you were before you became distracted and sidetracked by life's mishaps.
This is your time and your season to get back to who you were intended to be!
But you have a limited amount of time to do this.
You are either going to be intentional in pursuing this, or you're going to be intentional in abandoning it.
Your value and worth are not defined by what you can produce or do for someone else.
Your true worth is in who you were already designed to be when you were created.
You have to choose to take your purpose and two step into your rightful position in this life.
This is the year of you! -Jairrod A.Burch
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